Application Eligibility

The National Science Foundation requires that eligible students be U.S. citizens or permanent residents enrolled at a U.S. university. We encourage talented graduate students to apply, including women and students from underrepresented populations in international STEM research.

Students selected for this US-China International Research Experience must also meet the following minimum requirements in order to qualify for this program.

Academic Criteria: Students must

  • Be graduate students enrolled in computationally-focused STEM programs who are in good academic standing, demonstrating academic progress in their program of study.

  • Students participating in the program should have completed at least the first year of graduate courses in a discipline similar to the project discipline they intend to pursue.

  • Be proficient in at least one programming language.

Leadership Criteria: IRES intends to prepare U.S. students for international leadership in research. Students applying to the ASSURE site should be highly motivated, willing to learn and interested in developing new interdisciplinary research collaborations.

Inter-Cultural Adaptability Criteria: Students applying to this site should be willing to broaden their understanding of the host culture by participating in preparatory lessons, traveling to China and living in local accommodations and interacting with locals, peers, and researchers for 8-weeks.