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Due Dates

The following student documents should be submitted via email by 9:00am on the dates indicated below. 

Due Date What's Due
June 5
  • Set up Blog profile w/picture and contact info
  • Blog Post #1 - Introductions: tell us a bit about yourself, what you're studying and your summer expectations (skills, experiences etc.).
June 12
  • Blog Post #2 - Student update
June 19
  • Signed Mentor-Mentee Agreement Due
  • Blog Post #3 - Project progress update
June 26
  • Project Plan Due
  • Blog Post #4 - Project progress update
July 2
  • 5-minute Research Talk to group
  • Blog Post #5 - Project progress update
July 10
  • Abstract Due
  • Blog Post #6 - Trip to Beijing: Reflections on your cultural experience

Note: Your abstract will be published, so must be reviewed by your Faculty mentors before you submit.

July 17
  • Blog Post #7 - Project progress update
July 24
  • 10-minute Research Talk to group 
  • Blog Post #8 - Project progress update
July 31

Blog Post #9 - Summarize your research goals and what was accomplished this Summer

August 6
  • Final PowerPoint (Due at 9am)
  • Final Research Talk (10 minutes long)

Note: Presentation must be reviewed by Faculty mentors before submission as this version will be published on IRES website.

August 8
  • Research Talk to US mentors (10 minutes long)
  • Research Writeup due at 5pm EST.

Note: Writeup must be reviewed by Faculty mentors before submission.

August 9
  • Evaluations
  • Blog Post #10 - Reflections

In this blog post please share your reflections about the things you learned (technical, professional, interpersonal, cultural, etc.) as a result of this Summer program and how these might impact your career plans going forward.