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Research Projects


Student projects selected to participate in this IRES site should demonstrate their potential to benefit from the international site’s computational resources and/or research expertise and the applicant’s ability to achieve the stated project goals.

Projects may be proposed for one of the following international sites:

  • National Supercomputing Center in China, Wuxi (NSCC-Wuxi)
  • East China Normal University, Shanghai China (ECNU-Shanghai)

New project sites may only be proposed by US Faculty.


Research Statement

Provide a 1-page summary of your proposed research topic in which you:

  • Describe the research idea, your approach and how you will use the international resources available to you this Summer to pursue your topic. 

  • Clearly define how parallel computing resources or domain expertise will be critical to addressing your topic

  • Indicate how the project will advance knowledge and understanding in your field of study

  • Explain how having access to the project’s resources will further your research goals and accelerate or expand the impact of your research.