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NSCC-Wuxi Site

Computational Resources

  • Hardware: The SunwayTaihuLight Supercomputer using Sunway Raise OS 2.0.5 based on Linux as the operating system

  • Software Stack: includes basic compiler components, such as C/C++, and Fortran compilers, an automatic vectorization tool, and basic math libraries. The Sunway OpenACC, a customized parallel compilation tool that supports OpenACC 2.0 syntax and targets the SW26010 many-core processor, is also available.

Research Expertise

  1. Prof. Haohuan Fu, Computer Architecture, Application & Algorithm Design 

  2. Professor Xue Wei, Scientific Computing & Uncertainty Quantification

Technicians employed by the center are proficient in traditional many-core optimization method, the heterogeneous kernel optimization method, and parallel optimization method, etc. These methods can improve the efficiency of the user application serial, parallel efficiency and overall efficiency [1].

Training hosted by the center introduces new users to the high-performance computing and storage resources available at WSCCWX and the programming skills necessary to use WSCCWX resources effectively and efficiently. Topics covered include hardware, skills in using HPC applications, parallel computing and programming [2].

Use Cases Supported

Below are a few examples of use cases that will be a good fit for the Wuxi site:

  1. Explore the performance improvement potential of an existing parallel program written in C/C++ or Fortran with MPI and/or OpenMP/OpenACC. 

  2. Explore the implementation of algorithms that have the potential to take advantage of TaihuLight architecture. 

  3. Investigate reduced numerical precision for accelerating multi-scale and/or multi-model simulation.

Required Skills

  1. Required: Experience programming in Fortran, C/C++ or a comparable language

  2. Required: Experience using clusters and/or HPC systems

  3. Required: Strong background in computer architecture and numerical computing


  • computational earth and weather applications

  • computer architecture and software development