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Welcome to IRES:ASSURE

NSF Graduate Student Research Opportunities in Computational & Data Science

Algorithms & Software for SUpercomputers with emerging aRchitEctures (ASSURE)

ASSURE is an NSF-funded International Research Experience for graduate Students (IRES). This collaboration between researchers at international supercomputing centers in China, Japan and Germany and US-based researchers, engages Ph.D. students in research learning experiences that increase their capacity to conduct research on supercomputing systems, (including those with classical and emerging architectures), and their exposure to international collaborative research environments. More specifically, the research provided through the ASSURE IRES site focuses on the development and enhancement of software applications and algorithms in science domains that rely on high performance computing systems to advance scientific endeavors. Through this collaboration between supercomputing centers, the project seeks to strengthen existing and develop new collaborations and exchanges between faculty utilizing advanced computing in the areas of advanced manufacturing, earth systems and weather, life sciences and big data.

Important Dates

  • Application deadline June 24, 2023.
  • Applications reviewed on rolling basis.
  • Tentative Program dates: August 7, 2023 - May 10, 2024