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Program Focus: Graduate Student Research Opportunity: The Algorithms & Software for SUpercomputers with emerging aRchitEctures (ASSURE) program provides graduate students with opportunities to investigate the capabilities of classical and emerging HPC hardware architectures and to understand how these can be leveraged for research in a variety of science and engineering disciplines that rely on high performance computing systems to advance scientific endeavors. This International Research for Students (IRES) site is supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Program Goals: ASSURE will engage U.S. students in research projects and professional development activities that prepare them with key skills required to address problems that have a demonstrated need for supercomputers in addressing their complex nature. Over the course of the program, students will be exposed to several aspects of international collaborative projects, including understanding how these projects can be initiated and key skills needed to sustain them.

Main Research Themes: Students with an interest in the following research areas are invited to apply to this site. Students may either select one from the research projects areas listed or propose their own project focus:

  • Earth Systems: Mesoscale weather forecasting; Earthquake prediction and simulation
  • Drug Design
  • Advanced Manufacturing: Utilizing multi-grid methods to simulate flow
  • Big Data: Developing parallel open source codes to process large NGS data
  • Machine Learning: Integrating ML/DL and mathematics for biomolecular data analysis, Developing asynchronous parallel algorithms for general problems

Location: Depending on students’ research interests, students will collaborate with researchers based in the Julich Supercomputing Center, Germany; RIKEN, Japan, National Supercomputing Center (NSCC) in Wuxi, China , Tsinghua University in Beijing or the East China Normal University in Shanghai, China.

Project Dates: Students at the ASSURE site, commit 9 or 12 months to collaborate on projects provided through this site. Students will work with an internationally based mentor and a US advisor for during the this time to complete a substantive project (Mid-Aug 2021 to Mid-May 2022 or Mid-August 2022).

Stipend: Each student will receive a total stipend of $1414/biweekly (before tax). A health insurance allowance is provided. In the event that international travel can be safely resumed, financial support is available for round-trip travel to the research location and lodging for a short stay.

Cultural Activities: In the event that international travel can be safely resumed, opportunities are available for students to explore the culture.