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Research at the ASSURE IRES site covers a variety of computational and data science themes.

U.S. mentors interested in participating in the program with an existing international collaborator (listed below) or establishing a new research collaboration with one of our participating faculty members, are invited to contact us.

Graduate students interested in participating in the program for a Summer, should visit: https://ires-assure.msu.edu/apply/

Current Computational Research Areas

  • Climate Sciences

  • Numerical Methods

  • Computational Biomedicine/ Drug Design

  • Big Data

Current research sites and researchers 

    • Jülich Supercomputing Center
      • Prof. Paolo Carloni
      • Prof. Michele Parrinello
      • Dr. Davide Mandelli
    • Riken 
      • Prof. Dr. Yuji Sugita

    Past research sites and researchers

    National Supercomputing Center, Wuxi China:

    • Prof. Haohuan Fu, Tsinghua University (2019)